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The priority for the decade ahead is to learn how to use collaboration systematically to accelerate improvement

A strategic direction for Public School NSW describes a school community as developing and engaging in a shared vision of public education. It reflects the Ashfield Public School vision statement that describes the school as a community of learners, including students, teachers, parents and the wider community, which systematically and collaboratively accesses new knowledge, resources and opportunities.

This understanding of a school as a collaborative community of learners with a shared vision is part of new and better ways of delivering public education. It is an exciting and inspiring aspect of 21st Century education. It is an understanding that education draws on knowledge, experience and expertise not only from teachers, but beyond the classroom.

Collaboration is an element of the National Professional Standards for Teachers whereby teachers build productive links with the wider community to improve teaching and learning. This is an understanding that the partnerships between school, home and community promote high levels of intellectual quality

An example of collaboration in action at Ashfield Public School is the Digital Learning Committee, comprising of teachers and parents. The committee designs systems and strategies to support students use technology for critical thinking and effective communication. The committee is currently investigating how to extend the skills of students who have shown competency in Computer Coding. A parent volunteer with expertise in this area will soon commence a Computer Coding Club to be run before school.   

Another example is a recent workshop for teachers on inclusive practice for students with disabilities. The workshop was presented by parents and expanded teacher knowledge and understanding about teaching strategies and effective use of resources to engage students with disabilities in mainstream classrooms.

Collaboration is also occurring within our local community of schools including Summer Hill, Marrickville and Croydon Park. Principals from these schools are currently working together on a Partnership in Reading initiative. The initiative connects with pre-service teachers from Sydney University to provide personalised learning and support for students not meeting minimum proficiency in reading.

Collaboration of course includes the student voice in decision making. Empowering students to be actively connected to their learning and experience a sense of belonging to their school and community through collaboration enhances wellbeing and accelerates academic and social success. The Student Representative Council (SRC), the SRC Executive, the student letter box and student surveys are ways that Ashfield Public School encourages students actively engage in school decision making.   

Collaboration in a school is important. It is about building trust-based relationships with parents and the community to share the responsibility for maintaining a whole school culture of high expectations. It is about working together to provide the structure, resources and expertise for student achievement.