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Principal's message

Ashfield Public School is a great school because once you walk through the gate you feel like you've come home.


This quote comes from a student who was asked what is best about Ashfield Public School and what makes it special. It is a simple statement from the heart of a child, but it reflects the philosophy of education embraced by the school community.


A home is a place that nurtures the growth and well-being of the individual and of the whole family unit. Ashfield Public School develops the talents and capacities of all students. It supports them in their areas of need and extends them in their areas of potential. The school is about a quality education where children are motivated and are able to achieve their best.


A home shows appreciation for the small and the large things that family members do well. Ashfield Public School gives House Points to acknowledge the daily efforts of children to work with each other, focus in class and show initiative. It gives student awards to encourage and reward children for their success. It holds end of term Honour Assemblies to celebrate achievement in key learning areas.


A home is about a family spending time doing things together. Ashfield Public School meets each morning at lines to hear messages, to share a maths problem and joke of the week. It shares a weekly assembly, sports carnivals and special occasions such as Harmony Day and the Garden Festival. The school is about building a collaborative spirit of success. It is about creating a vibrant and fun community where the laughter and happiness of children, teachers and parents fills the classrooms and resounds across the playground.


A home flourishes with good communication as family members interact in a positive and kind way. Ashfield Public School teaches children how to make friends and be effective members of a group. Professional and courteous communication amongst parents and staff is expected as everyone collaboratively works towards the common goal of giving every child, every opportunity.


A home has a clear set of family rules, values, and beliefs to create expectations about behaviour. Ashfield Public School teaches children about respect, kindness, cooperation and integrity. It teaches them to be positive and to see the positive including being able to see difficult times as an opportunity to reflect, learn and grow. It sets high expectations for learning and expects children to be committed to achieving their best.


The student quote about Ashfield Public School feeling like being home is satisfying. It means that the school is doing its job and doing it well. On behalf of the staff, students and parent community I am very proud to welcome you to this fine school - welcome home.


Damien Moran