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An exciting phrase to hear in education is,

"I've just discovered…"

Ashfield Public School is currently implementing a robotics program. The introduction of the robotics program to the school has its foundation in current research on STEM's (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education to drive academic and social engagement of students. The program is a collaborative initiative involving teachers, the University of NSW and the P&C which obtained a $15K grant to establish the program.

The robotics program is aligned with Ashfield Public School's commitment to school excellence and quality teaching and learning. It represents the strategic directions of the school plan, articulating the focus on a whole school culture of high expectations for student success. Twice weekly after school, a group of ten students from Stage 3 including boys and girls meet to work collaboratively on the building and programing of robots to follow instructions.

The robotics program promotes a very high level of engagement as student learning is self-directed and requires critical thinking skills. As the program continues, students will get the robot to embark on a rescue course with the intention that it will perform a specific task.

The robotics program positions Ashfield Public School on its trajectory as a leader in 21st Century education. This includes using technology to support learning with teachers and students being focused on capturing new and innovative ideas and engaging in challenging and interesting learning situations. The robotics program is also about valuing a learning environment that is open to new ideas and challenges with the opportunity for students to solve a range of problems, and apply knowledge, skills and understanding to new situations and come to personal realisations.

The robotics program is an educational and entertaining medium for students and creates a productive and positive learning culture linked to the school wellbeing policy. It motivates children to learn through an interesting, fun and worthwhile activity. It provides a context on which to continue to build a whole school curriculum of innovation and creative, open ended thinking that drives student success through measurable growth and achievement.

The robotics program is an initiative that encourages young people to take an interest in scientific, mathematic, engineering and technological fields and to cultivate their interest through open ended thinking and hands on learning. The robotics program underpins the school's commitment to a productive learning environment.