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Successful Schools

A successful school is driven by the shared understanding that everyone must contribute to the achievement and progress of students. Within a high performing school community there are various stakeholders, each with a particular responsibility to support and optimise student success. These stakeholders include:

The School Administration Staff (SAS) which takes responsibility for the daily operations of the school including, for example, monitoring student attendance. Working with the teachers, the SAS identifies patterns of absenteeism which, if not addressed, can be significantly detrimental to student success. Another example is the SAS managing and updating student health records which enables the school to be alert and responsive to any medical issues that impact on a student’s participation at school.

Student Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) who take responsibility to work alongside teachers and support the full participation and belonging of students who experience a disability. For example, our SLSO team enables flexible learning for students who benefit from options beyond the mainstream classroom. An SLSO might also, for example, work with a student or group of students on an adjusted activity in a quieter space outside of a busy classroom setting.

Parents and carers who take responsibility to understand their child’s educational targets in literacy and numeracy and create opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. For example, parents and carers can have a high impact on their child’s literacy achievement by providing a daily home reading routine including reading aloud to their children. Another example is parents and carers working collaboratively with teachers to provide important insights about their child’s ability and interests, which enables beneficial accommodations and adjustments to individual learning programs.

Students who take increasing responsibility across their school years to make academic and social progress. They learn to become critical thinkers and problem-solvers, to effectively communicate and collaborate, and to be independent and organised participants in their education. Under the guidance and instruction of parents and teachers, students develop their capacity to be resilient and motivated learners, and to make choices that support their ongoing progress and achievement.

Teachers and School Leaders take responsibility to know all students and how they learn, and to know the curriculum and how to teach it. Through ongoing professional learning, they become increasingly adept to analyse and evaluate student behaviour and academic achievement, and respond in ways that enable students to make steady growth and progress. Teachers and School Leaders create and sustain robust whole school systems and practices that are meaningful and support students to be motivated and feel accomplished.

At Ashfield Public School, there is a shared responsibility for student wellbeing, engagement, and learning. Everyone has a part to play as we create the optimum conditions for student achievement and progress. Sharing responsibility gives us a common focus for collaboration and reflection to create a successful school as measured by ongoing improvement in student outcomes.