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Gradual Release and Acceptance Model

Teaching is an art and a science

The Gradual Release and Acceptance Model is about teachers supporting students to move from novice to expert, in an ongoing cycle of learning. The model recognises that typically, quality teaching is a continuum that moves from intensive demonstration and explanation of a new concept/topic, through to the proficiency and independence of the learner.

Following the three steps of the model, a lesson or sequence of lessons involves the teacher:

Step One: I do it

-introducing a new concept/topic and commencing to build knowledge and understanding.

- helping the students to make connections between their existing knowledge and understanding, and what they are learning.

- modelling to the students the skills required to master the new concept/topic.

Step Two: We do it:

- working closely with students.

-  supporting the students to practise the skills of the new concept/topic and apply their thinking to develop their own knowledge and understanding.

- continuing to model the skills for mastery.

- continuing to build and extend knowledge and understanding.

Step Three: You do it:

- encouraging students to keep up practice so as to develop their own proficiency.

- supporting students to work independently and continue asking questions so as to acquire deep knowledge, understanding and expertise.

- returning to Step One to introduce a new concept/topic that builds on existing learning.

At each step of the model there must be explicit teaching, with the teacher using Learning Intentions to clearly show students what to do, and Success Criteria to show them how to do it. Students must also be appropriately and continuously challenged according to their ability. Therefore, lessons must be differentiated, and it is expected that teachers will spend more time at Step One for students with special needs.

At each step of the model there must be timely and effective feedback that makes clear the student’s level of skill, knowledge and understanding so as to enable the next steps towards achieving the Learning Intentions.

The success of the model depends on the teacher using a sequenced and systematic approach that enables students to build on their skills, knowledge and understanding. The teacher must also assess and confirm whether students are understanding what they are learning before progressing.

Quality teaching is about creating the conditions and opportunities that enable an individual of any ability to be a successful learner. Expert teachers use research, resources, experience, personality, intuition and evidence to engage learners.  

The Gradual Release and Acceptance Model is an approach that supports teachers to work purposefully to positively influence student growth and achievement in any subject area, at any grade level.  


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